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Monday, November 30, 2009

Poisons abound in every home. Potentially lethal substances include disinfectants, paints, paint remover, detergent, poisonous edibles and plants. One of the most important things to remember is that dogs can not eat many things that people can eat. Here is a list of foods that are toxic for dogs:

- Chocolate (all forms)*Please keep your dogs away from your Holiday chocolate.
- Coffee (all forms)
- Alcoholic beverages
- Avocado
- Fatty foods
- Macadamia nuts
- Moldy or spoiled foods
- Onions, onion powder
- Raisins and grapes
- Salt
- Yeast dough
- Garlic
- Products sweetened with xylitol (such as sugarless gum or candy)

All of these can make your dog very sick or cause death depending upon the amount ingested and the weight of your dog.

There are also many plants in and out of the house that are poisonous to dogs. This is a very limited list but I thought I would highlight few common ones. If you go to the ASPCA website they have very detailed expanded list. http://www.aspca.com


One more note: Many folks put battery operated toys with a pack of batteries attached under their Christmas tree. Batteries are very toxic to dogs if they are ingested.

Your best friend will appreciate that you are taking the time to make their environment safe.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting your dog to come when you call his or her name is easy when there are no distractions. What happens when a squirrel crosses your pup's path just at the time you want him to come to you?
The first thing you need to do is to have a long leash (15-20 feet). Allow your pup to move away from you so that the leash is taught. The next thing you do is call your dog's name and give the leash a tiny tug. Once your dog returns to you, then you give him/her a little treat. Whenever, you say your dog's name it should always be associated with something good or a treat. If your dog does not listen to you or does something wrong, then you should not use its name when you are reprimanding them. The voice tone is very important. Never shout or scream your dog's name because it will only frighten them. If they only hear their name for treats and good things they are more likely to come.
What happens if you want your dog to come to you but they are in a dangerous situation? If your dog is off-leash and crosses a road, then you do not want them to cross the road again to come back to you. The best thing to do if your dog is off leash frequently and may encounter this situation is to train your dog to do the down command and wait for you to cross the street and meet up with him/her.
Squirrels, Squirrels, Squirrels are terrible distractions when your pup is off leash. The best thing to do is to start out walking your dog on leash. When your dog is on leash, each time your pup sees a squirrel call your doggie's name and give him/her a treat. If you do this often enough your dog will be looking for a treat every time he/she sees a squirrel and will no longer be chasing them.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My name is Rocket and I am a adorable large black puppy who loves to play! I am part Labrador and part Greyhound. I was adopted from the SPCA about a year ago by a wonderful family. When they first adopted me I was afraid of joggers, some people, bicyclists, skateboarders, and scooters. Anything fasting moving would make me growl or I would try to nip at them.

What is the best approach to address my fears and correct my behavior? Some dog owners do not want to spend the time training their dogs. They expect that dogs already should know good behavior. Many dog owners do not want to work too hard to get the perfect dog. If they find their dog has problems then they give their dog back or worse give their dog away or use punishment to train them out of a bad behavior. Punishment does not work but instead makes the dog fearful of its own human friend. Positive reinforcement by using treats has helped me. An example is that my human friend had bicyclists set up to ride by me while I was on leash and each time I saw one they would call me and give me a treat. Soon every time I saw a bicycle I would be waiting for my treat instead of trying to lunge at the bicyclist. I tell my humans to use high value treats such as hot dogs or in my case sweet potatoes nuggets. :)

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