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Monday, December 7, 2009

Are you buying a new dog or puppy for the holidays? Many folks do not realize the work that is involved in caring for a dog. Many people have a dog and then find that once they have a child they no longer have time for their dog. Here are several things to consider:

  • Do you currently own a dog or cat? Do you have children? Will your new dog or puppy get along with them? Dogs are pack animals. Dogs have their own ranking order and the most dominant dog leads the pack. A dog does not choose to be at the bottom of the pack. They move down the ranking order if another dog / human / animal shows that they are in the leadership position. My next blog will focus on dogs and children.
  • Have you ever owned a dog or puppy? Do you know how much work it is to take care of a dog? Dogs need to be walked or exercised for at least one hour a day and some dogs require more activity. If dogs do not get enough exercise, then they get bored and use their idle time for mischief. My dog is walked for 30 minutes every morning and then again for an hour each afternoon. Once a dog reaches about 5 years old, then they need less exercise. The amount of exercise your dog needs varies from breed to breed.
  • Are you buying the right breed for your family's lifestyle? There are some breeds that are couch potatoes like the greyhound and some that need a lot of exercise like the border collie. Small dogs and dogs like the greyhound need less exercise than some other dogs. Border collies need wide open spaces and lots of exercise. There is no such thing of too much exercise for border collies.
  • Dogs are social animals that require interaction with humans and/or other dogs. How many hours do you plan to leave your dog in the house alone? Labrador Retrievers and Weimaraners need to have their humans around as much as possible. If your dog has not been housebroken then they need to be put on a schedule and not left alone too long.
  • Do you have the basic supplies? There a few dog/puppy supplies that you should purchase when you bring your new friend home: a dog collar, a dog bed and/or dog crate, a dog food, water bowl, safe chew toys and grooming brush.
  • Bringing home a new dog or puppy can be very rewarding if you ready for the hours of training and dog walking. If you bring home a dog it should be commitment for their lifetime.

by Joy Randel

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