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Monday, January 4, 2010
The amount of exercise your dog needs depends on the the size, weight, and age of your dog.   Small dogs can get enough exercise walking around in the home.   Healthy dogs that are medium to large in size (45lbs. to 100lbs.) and are under five years should be getting at least two 30 minutes sessions of unrestricted exercise per day.   If dogs do not get enough exercise they become bored and chew things in the house.  The ideal situation is to be able to bring your dog to the dog park or on an off leash walk for vigorous exercise.  If you are not able to give your dog healthy exercise on a daily basis, then you should consider hiring a dog walker to help you.  Some cities have regulations and guidelines for dog walkers.  The city of San Francisco has great guidelines and regulations posted on their website.  I have listed them below for those to consider that live in cities that  have no dog walking regulations of their own.

Dog Walking Guidelines

To:  Dog Walkers and Dog Walking Services in San Francisco
(Originally Issued: November 3, 1998)

Dog Walkers provide a valuable service to the City and County of San Francisco. People rely on dog walkers to provide professional, conscientious dog care while they are at work. In order for these services to meet the needs of the public and provide safety and companionship to the dogs, San Francisco Animal Care and Control has developed a list of guidelines, which we strongly recommend all dog walkers adhere to.
The city of San Francisco has received an increasing number of complaints about dog walking services over the last year. The following is a list of complaints that our department has compiled to help you understand the importance of establishing standards by which dog walking services must operate. These complaints have included:
-Dogs being lost by walkers;
-Dogs not wearing current license or any identification;
-Dogs being verbally and physically abused by walkers;
-Dogs in poorly ventilated vehicles without safe enclosures;
-Dogs contracting contagious diseases
-Dog walkers failing to pick up feces.

Dog Walking Regulations
  • Each walker must have a maximum number of six dogs per walk.
  • Each dog must wear a current dog license and identification.
  • Each dog must have verification of current vaccinations.
  • Walker must clean up feces left by dogs and carry a container for clean up at all times.
  • Walker must have one leash present for each dog in the group, and use leashes in on-leash areas.
  • Dogs must be transported in safe, well-ventilated vehicles in a manner that prevents injury or overheating.
  • Dogs must be safely and properly restrained in open vehicles to prevent injury.
  • Walkers must use only handling methods and equipment that are humane and in compliance with state and local law.

   by Joy Randel

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