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Monday, July 26, 2010
When naming a canine addition to the family, we often feel we are able to choose a name that is unique to our little guy or gal. For example, “Sparky” might result from a little ball-of-energy Jack Russell Terrier that resembles a severed power line, sparking and hopping around with a level of vigor that is as infinite as it is unstoppable. Perhaps “Eeyore” is your beloved Basset Hound, so lazy and full of droopy-eyed melancholia that even a trip to the dinner bowl seems like a mighty chore. As individualized as our pooches’ monikers may seem, there are certain names that tend to be significantly more popular than others. Here is a look at the most popular dog names and meanings:

Girl Dog Names:
1) Bella
2) Molly
3) Lucy
4) Maggie
5) Daisy

Male Dog Names:
1) Max
2) Buddy
3) Rocky
4) Bailey
5) Jake

Dog Names by Breed:
1)Labrador Retriever
Male Dog Names: Bailey, Lucky, Bandit, Jake, Boomer
Girl Dog Names: Millie, Luna, Bella, Molly, Abby

2)German Shepherd
Male Dog Names: Kaiser, Rex, Schwarz, Dieter, Rudolph
Girl Dog Names: Adelina, Roxy, Fredrika, Heidi, Mathilda

3)Yorkshire Terrier
Male Dog Names: Bear, Blue, Max, Duke, Buddy
Girl Dog Names: Bailey, Ruby, Gracie, Maya, Bella

It’s always fun to speculate on the correlation between dog names and meanings. Over the years, as pups have elevated from “doghouse resident” to “sofa-dwelling member of the family” in most households, so too have dog names evolved from very canine-specific titles like “Fido” and “Buster” to much more human designations like “Lucy,” “Max,” and “Jake.” In the last few years, especially, there is a strong trend toward awarding dogs “people” names. Pop culture trends often influence dog names as well, which could account for the popularity of the seemingly Twilight-themed girl dog name “Bella.” When looking at our three most popular breeds, it’s easy to see that the beloved Labrador Retriever is often given a name associated with silliness, friendship, and fun. As you can see above, German Shepherds tend to be named with their country of origin firmly in mind. The regal stature and dignified composure of the German Shepherd seems to be a fitting explanation for the popularity of the male dog name “Kaiser,” or “king” in German. Yorkie owners often award their companions names that reflect their heritage as well, with “Duke” and “Ruby” both evoking images of royalty and the British monarchy.

by Joy Randel


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