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Tuesday, November 16, 2010
It’s a question any potential dog owner asks: What breed of dog do I want?  This is, of course, a great starting point, but often leads to other questions such as: What’s the best dog breed for me?  In other words, the person who is tickled with Australian shepherds and border collies may not have the home or lifestyle to keep up with these spunky feisty breeds.

Choosing the right breed dog is of the utmost importance.  An honest examination of one’s lifestyle and home environment is imperative when considering adopting or purchasing a dog.  Size can also be a good place to start.  Knowing what size of dog you’re looking for can help you narrow down if you’re going to look within small dog breeds or large dog breeds.  If you have extra room in your home and a good-sized yard, a larger active breed like boxer or Akita may be a good fit.  For those in smaller homes or apartments without yards, a small lap-dog type breed might be more appropriate.  A Yorkie can make a wonderful apartment companion, as can a Pekingese.  Beware though, not all small dogs are suited for apartment living!  Jack Russell terriers are wild balls of energy and need rigorous exercise; collies and Shelties (Shetland Sheep Dog) are quite energetic as well.

Remember, canine companions who are not certified AKC dog breeds can still be amazing additions to your family.  Visit your local animal shelter and you just may find the dog of your dreams!  Shelter employees are generally knowledgeable and should be happy to help you figure out which type of dog will make the best addition to your home.

by Joy Randel

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