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Tuesday, December 14, 2010
It’s one of the biggest decisions a prospective pet-owner ever makes: to purchase or adopt?  There are pros and cons to each, and most folks who have done either tend to exhibit a strong bias toward the specific path they chose.  In regards to rescue dogs, however, there seem to be more than a few myths about what people are in for if they adopt a pooch from a local shelter.

For example, there is a fear that searching dog rescue shelters for a canine companion can make a person more likely to end up with a dog that is poorly behaved, or even worse, dangerous.  While it is true that a rescued dog (particularly if it is an adult) may come to you with a few more issues than a fresh-from-its-mother’s-warm-belly pedigreed pup, this in no way means that the shelter dog is by definition dangerous or unpredictable.  And it’s important to remember that a purebred dog does not come with a guarantee of pristine behavior, either.  There is always a degree of risk when welcoming a dog into your home, however this risk is not assumed only by people who choose to adopt or foster a shelter dog.  It is also important to remember the role breed plays in dog behavior.  A floppy, snoozy hound mix you fall in love with at the shelter is just as likely to be floppy and snoozy as his purebred counterpart.

If you are considering any kind of dog rescue, whether it be small dog rescue, large dog rescue, or anything in between, the two key factors for making the experience a positive one (for both you and the pooch) are education and preparedness.  Take your time selecting a dog.  Visit multiple shelters.  Read up on the breed (or combination of breeds) you are considering.  And (this cannot be emphasized enough) make sure your home is ready for your new companion, before you bring the companion home.  For more information on shelter dogs, check out our new eBook, Doggie in the Window: Rescue Dog Behaviors Explained available for download in our store at http://www.dazzledogdelight.com/rescue-dog-behavior-training.html !               

by Joy Randel

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