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Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Are you looking for a creative gift for a friend who just got a new puppy? Is there a special dog in your life who has a birthday coming up? Or do you just want to pamper your best friend with a special gift? There are basic supplies that all dogs need, that you can get at any local pet store, these things are nice, but maybe they are not quite that special something you are looking for. Below is a list of some of the most popular designer dog supplies available for you and your dog. These items all have that something extra special and unique that you may not find in your local pet supply store.

Backpack Style Dog Carrier
You have probably noticed the popularity of infant and child carriers lately. Did you ever see a mom carrying her human baby around and think how great it would be to carry your dog that way? Does your puppy always want to be carried; does she feel safer if she is next to you? A backpack style carrier may be just the right thing for you! With a backpack dog carrier you no longer need to leave your beloved dog home alone, you can take her with you when going for a walk, hiking, shopping, doing household chores... whatever life requires. This designer dog supply will keep your pet will be comfortable and happy, and you'll have the benefit of more cuddle time with your best pal. Free your hands while providing your pet the important contact she needs - both indoors and out.

Dog Strollers
Dog strollers are another great option for taking your dog with you everywhere you go. Dog strollers are built and used mostly for small to medium sized dogs. They can be very helpful when you are taking your dog jogging or for long walks when she might not be able to keep up. Dog strollers are also helpful for dogs who have difficulty walking due to illness or injury. You can run your errands or get your exercise while your dog rides along in comfort and style in this designer dog supply.

Personalized Designer Collars
Every prince and princess needs royal jewels! Have some fun dressing up your pampered pet with a fancy designer collar. You can find countless color and style options wherever you shop for designer dog supplies. The options include different colored leathers, metallic, faux snake skin, encrusted with jewels or pearls, and you can add letter charms to spell your dog’s name, or collar jewels to accessorize.

Dog Pajamas
Believe it or not, there is a completely practical reason for dog pajamas! Besides keeping your dog warm on cold nights, long sleeved dog pajamas will help keep his bed clean while he sleeps. But let’s face it, this designer dog supply is just too cute to resist! Dog pajamas are available in a range of materials, styles, colors and sizes.

Organic Dog Shampoo
All natural, organic beauty products are very popular right now, and for good reason. Whatever we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies, and it’s the same for our dogs too. Consider natural and organic beauty products for your dog. You will be able to groom your dog with the confidence that the products you are using are gentle and healthy for her.

Your dog is your best friend, and adds so much joy to your life! Have some fun pampering him with designer dog supplies. You can find these and other products at most retailers that carry designer dog supplies.

by Joy Randel About the Author:

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