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Tuesday, August 9, 2011
What’s better than a magnificent mutt? One of those flop-eared, dotted and dappled, paws-too-big, wiry-furred charmers that can capture your heart in two seconds flat? In our humble opinion, absolutely nothing. At Dazzle Dog Delight, we’re big advocates for rescue pooches, and the kind-hearted folks who love them. And let’s face it, the sturdy, bushy-tailed, too-tall, too-short, smiley-faced pups you often find at shelters are about as mutty as mutts can get.

But adopting a mutt doesn’t mean that you don’t, well, wonder … what exactly did I get my hands on here? The reasons for finding out the breeds behind the mutt can range from the practical (breed-specific disorders and illnesses to watch out for) to mere curiosity. Setting out to identify your dog’s heritage can be educational as well as fun.

A simple Internet search shows numerous companies that offer DNA tests for dogs. Before you shell out the big bucks for this, though, consider the fact that these tests are controversial and there are as many folks out there claiming that they simply do not work as there are those who swear by them. A simpler (and cheaper) way of determining your dog’s background is to take note of his physical features, personality and behavioral traits, and general temperament and compare notes against a comprehensive breed directory. Both Animal Planet and the AKC have excellent breed directories and other helpful information.

So, if you’ve ever wondered, “What breed is my dog?” you’re certainly not alone and there are many resources available to assist you in identifying what’s lurking in Fido’s gene pool. So, whether it’s a bullypoodlechowlab or a beagleaussiecollie, remember you have a unique mix of dogs perfect in her own way. All hail the magnificent mutt!


by Joy Randel

Joy Randel is the owner of Dazzle Dog Delight, an online store that offers a variety of high quality dog products and accessories from organic dog shampoo to designer dog supplies. We are passionate about dogs and would love to send you a FREE e-Guide on how to solve barking problems and other great info. Get your FREE e-Guide now at www.DazzleDogDelight.com


by: Dazzle Dog Delight


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