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Monday, September 12, 2011
You are a good pet owner. You take your dog to the vet when they are due for their regular check-ups and give them needed preventative care for heart worms, fleas, and ticks because you love them and want them healthy. It’s important to make sure your dog doesn’t get a tell tale itch! Dog skin problems are often itchy and one of the most common health problems for dogs. Mixed breed family pets are just as likely to experience a skin problem as a pure bred show dog.

The appearance of your dog’s coat can actually give away indications of their overall health. It is important to pay attention to your family pet’s skin to catch any growing problems early. While some can be simple to deal with others can become quite serious and even fatal if left untreated. Dog skin problems fall into several different categories.

The first is immune disorders. These skin issues are a result of problems with your dog’s immune system. This means your dog may be opened up to being effected by reoccurring skin conditions, such as some types of mange and other disorders. This category also includes dogs with allergies affecting their skin known as canine atopic dermatitis. While it would be ideal to have your dog avoid the allergen that is affecting them that is usually just not possible. There are a range of drugs and steroids available that will work to stop your dog’s immune systems inappropriate response to the offending allergen. However you may also find that shampoos can be of great help to a dog with skin allergies. Read dog shampoo reviews to determine what the best shampoo for you and your pooch are.

Second would be infectious skin diseases. These dog skin problems include parasitic, bacterial, fungal, and viral skin infections. Tick and flea infestations fall in this category. Ringworm, most common in puppies, is a fungal skin problem in this category.

A third category is hereditary skin diseases. Some dogs are just born with problems. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome for example. This disease involves failures in connective tissue specifically there is a problem with how collagen is produced. The dog may very easily bruise and have very poor healing of their skin if injured. Joint issues are also common with this disorder. Because of poor connective tissue sprains and pulls are more likely. Puppy strangles, a debilitating condition that appears usually around 6 weeks, also fits in this category.

Internal diseases is the last area. Some internal diseases express their symptoms through dog skin problems. This is yet another reason to carefully watch and have your dog’s skin conditions diagnosed. What may seem like a small irritation could in fact be a symptom of a much larger problem. Hormonal problems are prime offenders. This may be a range of different diseases or even tumors located on ovaries or testicles.

Remember spotting a problem early will save you and your dog a lot of stress. Be on the look out for persistent, non-stop scratching and any areas that appear particularly sore. They may be red or look swollen. Hair loss in areas where the skin is scaly, hard and rough, or oozing from the skin is a give away there is trouble.

Take your dog in to see the doctor if you suspect a skin problem. Treatment varies from medication, to change in environment, to change in soap! Dog shampoo reviews can show you the soap that will work best for sensitive skin.

by Joy Randel

Joy Randel is the owner of Dazzle Dog Delight, an online store that offers a variety of high quality dog products and accessories from organic dog shampoo to designer dog supplies. We are passionate about dogs and would love to send you a FREE e-Guide on how to solve barking problems and other great info. Get your FREE e-Guide now at www.DazzleDogDelight.com.


by: Dazzle Dog Delight


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