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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The holiday season can be tricky to navigate with your dog. They are part of your family so you want to spend time with them, but you also want to keep them safe and not stress them. You can share happy holidays with your pup if you plan ahead and avoid common pitfalls.

The Problem With All That Food

Holidays and food go hand in hand. But with all that temptation you have to be vigilant about what your dog has access too. When you have family and friends around you also usually have some of the big problem foods and drinks around.

Chocolate, and coffee, contain xanthines. In dogs this causes damage in the nervous and urinary systems, and can cause excessive stimulation of the heart. Dark chocolate and baking chocolate are the most dangerous for your dog, but you’ll want to keep all chocolate out of your dog’s reach. Even if your pet doesn’t suffer any of the more serious affects you may still have to take care of a dog with diarrhea. And who wants that!

When friends and family are around for holiday gatherings there will also be drinks around. Alcohol and pets don’t mix. Dogs are drawn to the sweet taste of mixed drinks and holiday specialties like eggnog, but they can be lethal. Keep an eye on drinks set on easily accessible coffee tables. After the party resist the urge to wait to clean up, clear leftover drinks up right away.

Be careful what goes under your Christmas tree. You may want to wrap up a treat for your special pup. Don’t put it under the tree, at least not unattended! Your dog will smell something yummy under there and you risk him eating more than just his present. Trees and holiday plants can cause upset stomachs and irritation. Don’t tempt your puppy by putting treats next to them. If you want a package under the Christmas tree for your favorite pup choose from a selection of favorite dog toys. Or get your dog some aromatherapy shampoos to enjoy after the holidays to help relax. You can look up dog shampoo reviews to choose the best one.

The Trouble With Tinsel

Holiday decorations are shiny, shimmery, and sooooo tempting for a dog to play with. There are two major concerns when it comes to holiday decorations.

Intestinal Blockage.
This happens when your dog eats strings, ribbons, bows, yarn, or Christmas decorations like tinsel. When your dog eats these things they can become stuck in their intestines requiring surgery to heal.

Cuts and other lacerations.
Dogs love to play with balls or other things that may look like favorite dog toys. And they will use their mouths to explore them. Glass decorations can easily break and cut your pooch.

Adding New Pets

A new puppy needs all of your love and attention. They are full of energy and can easily find trouble. The holidays are a far from an ideal time to add a new puppy to your home. If you had been planning on giving a dog as a gift consider alternative options. Put together a basket of favorite dog toys. Or a basket of all the things they’ll need like brushes, jackets, or organic dog shampoo. You can choose the shampoo using dog shampoo reviews. Then when things calm down after the holiday you’ll be ready for your new pet.

An After the Holiday Treat

Once you’ve navigated through the holiday with your dog take some time to treat them to a relaxing bath. There are lots of products out there designed to relax through aromatherapy. Choose the best one for your dog using dog shampoo reviews.

Remember stay safe, stay vigilant, and keep your pup out of urgent care this holiday season!

by Joy Randel

Joy Randel is the owner of Dazzle Dog Delight, an online store that offers a variety of high quality dog products. You can find everything from designer designer dog supplies to organic dog shampoo reviews. We are passionate about dogs and would love to send you a FREE e-Guide on how to solve barking problems and other great info. Get your FREE e-Guide now at www.DazzleDogDelight.com.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Regular dog grooming is an important part of owning a dog. By caring for your dog’s basic grooming needs you’ll keep them happy and healthy for years to come. There are five big areas to concentrate on when you are grooming your dog.

1. Brushing Your Dog:

Your dog will love the attention they get while you brush them. Brushing your dog will give time for your relationship to grow AND keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny! If you have a long haired dog you should be brushing them daily, a medium haired dog weekly, and a short haired dog monthly. Following these guidelines will help keep matted hair and tangles from showing up on your pup!

Have a system in place to make sure you do your best job brushing your dog. Brush from one end to the other, you can start at either tail or head, pick a direction and you won’t miss anything in the middle. Then brush from the top of the dog down.

What if your dog already has hair mattes? You’ll need the right brushes to remove the matting. Slowly free the matte with a slicker brush. If you have a large stubborn matte you can remove it with a clipper, be careful not to hit your pup’s skin!

2. Dog haircuts:

Dog haircuts occur at different intervals depending on what breed of dog you have. A breed with fast growing hair may need a cut as often as every 2 to 4 weeks, dogs with shorter hair can go much longer. While you should probably hire someone trained in dog haircuts to do full haircuts on your animal, in between cuts you can do trims yourself. Dog haircuts can say a lot about a dog, you want them looking good!

3. Bathe Your Dog With Organic Dog Shampoo:

Like it or not giving your dog a bath is part of pet ownership! The frequency of these baths will vary depending on the breed of your dog. Recommendations vary from once every 3 months to once a month on how often to bathe your puppy. If your dog loves the mud you may be up for super frequent bathing!

Make wise choices about the products that you use on your dog. Organic dog shampoo is a great place to start.

4. Clip Their Nails:

You need to keep your dog’s nails cut. This process will be much easier if your dog is used to having their paws handled. Play with your dog’s feet and toes when you are spending time together, this will make them more relaxed when it is time to cut their nails.

You want to avoid the quick, which is the vein that runs through the nail. Cutting this will cause your pet pain and it will become exponentially more difficult to convince them to hold still while you trim their nails.

5. Brush Your Pooch’s Teeth:

Just like clipping nails your dog may need to get used to the idea of having their teeth cleaned. You can start by massaging their gums/teeth with your finger or having them taste a small amount of toothpaste designed for dogs.

Get a toothbrush made for dogs to use. You will apply toothpaste directly to your dog’s teeth and brush! Brushing your dog’s teeth is never a bad thing aim to do it every day, or every other day at least.

Now that you have five big areas to concentrate on to get your dog groomed well, make sure you are prepared with the right equipment. Putting together a grooming basket for your pup is a great idea. You’ll need an assortment of hair brushes (depending on the length of your dog’s hair), organic dog shampoo and other bath equipment, a sharp nail clipper designed for dogs, dog toothbrush and toothpaste, and the name of a groomer who gives great dog haircuts!

by Joy Randel

Joy Randel is the owner of Dazzle Dog Delight, an online store that offers a variety of high quality dog products and accessories from organic dog shampoo to designer dog supplies. We are passionate about dogs and would love to send you a FREE e-Guide on how to solve barking problems and other great info. Get your FREE e-Guide now at www.DazzleDogDelight.com


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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winter is just around the corner. This means soon your dog will have to deal with an onslaught of cold, dry air, freezing rain, sleet, and snow. Your dog is a domesticated animal. That means they are going to need your help to successfully navigate this weather free of illness and injury. Dogs in cold weather face a number of challenges. As an owner if you avoid the following common mistakes your dog will have an easier time overcoming these challenges.

1. Not Giving Dogs in Cold Weather Extra Food.

Your pup is going to burn extra calories in the winter just keeping their body temp up and regulated. Compensate by increasing the amount of food they are getting. In addition to giving a little extra food pay special attention that they always have an adequate amount of water. Dogs can become dehydrated during the winter just as easily as in the summer. Plenty of water will also help fight dry skin.

2. Leaving Antifreeze Where Dogs Can Reach It.

Antifreeze can both smell and taste good to your dog, but it can be lethal to them. Be careful that you clean up any spills that occur from your own car and monitor what your dog is taking interest in on the road and other neighbors’ driveways while on walks. Dogs in cold weather face multiple dangers from antifreeze. It is poisonous to consume, and it can irritate your dog’s paws. For this reason look into products that contain propylene glycol instead of ethylene glycol.

3. Taking Your Dog Outside Without Dog Boots or Paw Protection.

Dogs in cold weather need protection for their paws. You have a wide range of options with designer dog supplies to find just the right dog boots for your pet. These boots are necessary because salt, sand, ice, chemical de-icers and antifreeze can cause a lot of damage to your dog’s paws.

To further reduce the chance of your pet’s paws sustaining damage keep the fur on their paws and between their toes trimmed short. If you don’t want to go shopping for designer dog supplies for paw protection, then you can also spray on the bottom of your dog’s feet non-flavored cooking spray. Or use a petroleum jelly or Musher’s wax spread on the bottom of them.

Towel dry off your dog’s feet when you arrive home and double check for any signs of redness or cracking.

4. Keeping Your Pup Outside For Long Stretches.

Your dog is not equipped to be outside in the winter for long stretches, even with clothing. Dogs in cold weather can lose their scent. This leads to an increase in lost dogs during the winter months. Safe guard your dog by limiting outside time and keeping their collar and tags on at all times.

Another good reason to limit your pet’s time outside is frost bite. Frost bite on ears, tails, and feet can be a big winter hazard for your dog. Pay attention to your dog’s body temperature. Remember that wind chill often means it is colder outside than the actual temperature reads.

5. Not Providing Your Dog With a Winter Coat, or Using a Coat That Doesn’t Fit Correctly.

In the current designer dog supplies market you have lots of choices for dog coats! They are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and costs. Finding an appropriate coat for your dog should be a priority. Ill-fitting outwear can be the same as sending your pooch out without a coat at all. The important things to consider when finding the perfect coat or sweater are their weight and the measurement from the base of their neck to the base of their tail.

Additional Winter Tips:

While dogs in cold weather face hazards outside, winter brings some dangers inside too.

*If you partake in holiday decorations beware of tinsel. This shiny decoration can block their intestines if swallowed. Glass ornaments can also pose a threat to a curious dog who decides to take a bite. They are easily broken and can cut your dog’s mouth.

*Fire places will be in use this time of year. Safe guard them from an overly excited pet who could easily be burned by them.

Winter can bring extra areas of caution for dog owners, but it is also a fun time! Find just the right designer dog supplies to spoil your pooch. Enjoy accessorizing your dog’s winter coat with the perfect pair of dog boots. Avoid these five mistakes and you and your pet will enjoy spending the winter together!

by Joy Randel

Joy Randel is the owner of Dazzle Dog Delight, an online store that offers a variety of high quality dog products and accessories from organic dog shampoo to designer dog supplies. We are passionate about dogs and would love to send you a FREE e-Guide on how to solve barking problems and other great info. Get your FREE e-Guide now at www.DazzleDogDelight.com


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