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Monday, March 12, 2012

It's a somewhat lofty debate: Do animals have a soul? Representatives on either side of this issue are able to deliver fairly convincing arguments. Yet, when it comes to dogs, it somehow becomes harder to argue against the existence of a spiritual element to this kind and empathetic animal.

What would a dog soul look like? What elements might we find if we could see into a dog's higher self? It seems there would definitely be a component of care and dedication to human beings. Dogs have been a stalwart friend to man pretty much ever since there have been dogs and men. Various studies have confirmed that when we pet dogs, it isn't just the canines reaping the benefits. Stroking a dog's coat has been shown to ease stress and elevate the neurotransmitters associated with bringing about a sense of calm.

It would seem that if dogs do have souls they are somehow inextricably linked to our own. And when you look into the eyes of your favorite canine companion, this isn't too difficult to imagine. The bond between man and dog runs far too deep to be one of mere affinity. Somewhere along the way canines and human beings were joined together in a way we intuitively understand, but can't quite explain. It would seem that dogs not only have souls, they have souls that are somehow reflections of our own.

by Joy Randel

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