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Sunday, May 20, 2012

People in the market for truly tiny dogs (often referred to as "teacup" versions of slightly larger dogs like Poodles or Yorkshire Terriers) often have to be the most wary of irresponsible and/or "backyard" breeders. As demand for this type of dog is often high (due in large part to their popularity with young starlets who tote them about in custom-made designer purses) and they are not recognized by major canine associations such as the AKC, this type of dog is sadly susceptible to being bred by someone looking to make a quick (and hefty -- a teacup puppy can go for five hundred dollars) buck.

When considering a tiny dog breed it is also important to remember that "teacup" is often used as a marketing ploy to sell small and unhealthy versions of the standard for that breed (Yorkie, Poodle, Chihuahua, etc.). Breeders committed to "teacup" varieties will also sometimes breed for tiny stature only, ignoring more important health and quality of life factors. We are not making the claim that all breeders of tiny dogs are irresponsible, only that when dealing with the "teacup" label it is exceedingly important to do your homework and ensure you are dealing with a reputable breeder dedicated to the health and welfare of the puppies he or she produces.

If you are committed to adopting a rescue dog (and, we have to admit, here at Dazzle Dog Delight we're biased toward that option), a perfectly adorable tiny dog breed is not out of your reach. Sites such as Petfinder.com allow you to search currently available dogs at shelters all over the country, and you can refine your search by age, gender, breed, and, that's right, size! There is also a section to search special considerations such as whether the dog is good with children, other dogs, and/or cats. Private breeders are not the only destination for those in search of a tempest in a teacup -- plenty of tiny dog breeds are sitting in a shelter, right at this moment, eagerly awaiting finding their forever homes.

by Joy Randel

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by: Dazzle Dog Delight


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