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Sunday, June 10, 2012

What does training your dog, politics, and the latest blockbuster movie all have in common? In regards to all three, just about everyone has an opinion. There are nearly as many philosophies on how to train dogs as there are dogs themselves, and any pet owner who has had success with one method is generally certain that that method is The One. In reality, various strategies for training a dog can generally be successful depending on a number of factors including: the temperament and/or breed of the dog, the temperament of the owner, the dog's home environment, and the ultimate goal that the owner is hoping to reach through the training sessions.

One thing that sound dog training ideologies have in common is that they all rely on some form of positive reinforcement and/or gentle correction. Pain, fear, and distress have no place in a responsible dog-training regimen. Whether you are wondering how to train a dog to fetch, how to train a dog to stay, or how to train a dog to heel -- there is a healthy, compassionate training strategy certain to meet your needs.

Four of the most popular dog-training methods are: clicker training, reward training, traditional training (which relies on gentle physical corrections), and "dog whispering" (as popularized by famed television personality, Cesar Millan). When considering which method to use in your own household, it is probably best to speak with someone who has experience with one or more of these strategies. If this isn't possible, pick a dog-training plan that you feel is likely to work with your pooch's temperament. For example, if your dog is already highly food/treat motivated, a reward training system is most likely a good place to start.

Remember, training should be a wonderful, warm journey shared by dog and owner. Any training methods that promise quick fixes or overnight successes are not going to be worth your, or your canine companion's, time.

by Joy Randel

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by: Dazzle Dog Delight


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