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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sometimes it's a high-pitched whistle. In other, otherwise quiet moments, it might break the silence as a low grumbly sigh. Perhaps you notice it most as that plaintive yelp emerging from behind a closed bedroom or backyard door. Regardless of pitch or timbre, canine whining can present a real problem for the sensitive ears of the human members of a pooch's pack.

Why do dogs whine? When considering how to stop dog whining, it is useful to examine possible causes of your pal's bothersome noises. Dogs whine for a variety of reasons, but some of the most common are: submission/appeasement, excited greeting, boredom/attention-seeking, and anxiety. What is important to know about each of these categories of dog-whininess is that they constitute rationales for the dog's behavior. Put simply, your dog is whining because he or she thinks it will result in some basic need being met. The trick is to divert your dog's attention and train her to use other options for communication. For example, if she is whining because she is bored or wants you to play with her, it is important to not only ignore her completely when she whines, but also to reward her for being quiet. Rewards can come both in the form of treats or simply initiating play with her when she is quiet and calm.

It's a question as old as dog-companionship itself: How to stop a dog from whining? The answer is both simple and maddeningly complex: identify the root cause of the whining and then provide your dog suitable alternatives to the habitual behavior. This is a process that will take careful observation, patience, and compassion. But a happy dog and a living room free of whistles, yelps, and grumbly sighs will most certainly be worth your effort and hard work.

by Joy Randel

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by: Dazzle Dog Delight


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